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This September the SKYBERRIES Academy will take place! We are excited to invite you to join this summer school organized by the vertical farm institute. This summer school will be on the integrated aspects of the vertical farm. Participating in this event will mean that you will learn all there is to know about the vertical farm, and gain valuable insights on the future development of this new building typology.

During the two day program there will be four experts talking about four different topics:: food :: technology :: business :: society. These experts will provide insights from their professional occupation. Furthermore, they will elaborate on the development and future of the industry behind the vertical farm.

We invite you to continue reading on what the SKYBERRIES Academy entails, why we started this initiative and what to expect in the weeks to come. Take a moment to get familiar with our new website and do not forget to write the date of the SKYBERRIES Academy into your agenda!

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Food production will become part of daily urban life again and the SKYBERRIES Academy is a logical step in this development. We organize this summer school with the wish to further disseminate information on the concept of urban food production. When more people understand and become familiar with that concept, the better it will be to find meaningful solutions that help shape the resilient cities of the future.

Additionally in the wake of our successful SKYBERRIES Conference we acknowledged the opportunity to set up this summer school. The numerous participants of our conference were very engaged on the topic of urban food production and the three days almost went by too quick. The SKYBERRIES Academy presents the opportunity to further discuss the topic of the vertical farm, and offers the platform to intensify those conversations.


The participants of the SKYBERRIES Academy are a blend of people with different professional backgrounds.The architect will meet the LED-expert, the city planner will interact with the botany expert, and the marketing student will talk with the agricultural engineer. It is in our conviction that the people from different disciplines need to meet and start a dialogue in order to find serious solutions to produce food in the future.
Additionally the program allows for interaction between the representatives from our partnering organizations and the participants who acquired a ticket. We believe that establishing these bonds will mean the fulfillment of much synergy potential.

The SKYBERRIES Academy takes place in an environment that draws people out of the rhythm of their daily lives. It will be located in an area that has little distractions in order to ensure that participants will stay focused and engaged. This means that it will be in a more rustic environment located somewhere close by Vienna. Furthermore, we want to provide a comfortable experience and therefore the accommodation will have a somewhat luxurious character.


In order to attend the SKYBERRIES Academy you will need a ticket. To get a ticket you should follow this link. This ticket will allow you to participate in the program of our summer school. Furthermore, it includes a one night stay at our selected venue. You will receive one lunch, one dinner and one breakfast during your stay.

There is a limited amount of tickets available, therefore we encourage you not to wait too long with acquiring one. Do not miss out on this exclusive event!

If you have any questions regarding the ticket please contact us at